Social Media Management

We will manage your Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Instagram, Google+ Page, and maintain your Reputation on Yelp 24/7. It’s time to take Social Media seriously. Your competitors are doing it, and you need to do it 10X better. We Engage fans on all social media channels on a daily basis. Most customers now use social media as an outlet to ask questions to business owners, make comments, suggestions, and post reviews. They expect a response from a business owner within 60 minutes.



Facebook Ad Campaigns

We set up your Facebook Ad Campaign specifically targeting your core audience. We then test and optimize your campaign to get you the most leads for your business. We charge a monthly retainer fee for these services. All AD Campaigns will include:

  • Audience Setup
  • Images/Design
  • Copy
  • Facebook Pixel Placement
  • Audience Testing
  • AD Test Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Weekly Reports


AD Campaign Types

  • Brand Awareness
  • Retargeting
  • Blog Post
  • Messenger
  • Leads
  • Page Post Engagement