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Local Citations for Online Business

Local Citations for Online Business

Local Citations for Online Business

Local Citations for Online Business

Local citations are mentions of your organization or business address and name in other web pages even if those mentions have no link directing to your website. A clean example of local citations can be online yellow pages directory wherein your business is listed, not linked to it. Local citations can also be found in a local business association page or web page of local chamber of commerce that includes the information about your business even if these citations are not linked to your website.

In addition, citations that came from well-indexed and well-established portals can help increase the certainty of your website from being categorized by search engines. To put simply, local citations help search engines confirm that a particular business is actually what they thought they were.

Local citations have significant importance to a less competitive-niche like electrical or plumbing industries wherein service providers do not actually have their own website. Without having much information about these niches, search engines rely on whatever information available about them.

These also validate a business as part of the community. It’s not easy to fake memberships in a county or city, or chamber of commerce index, or being written on a popular blog or a local online newspaper. Placing local citations of your business in these websites allows you to dramatically increase your local search rankings.

Where to Get Local Citations?

There are numerous places to get citations. Local businesses must focus on the strong points of citations and not just expand that visibility of the organization, but also increase the trust of search engines to business validity of existence. With local citations proven to be significantly important, you may be curious where you can get them.  Below is a list of the few places where you can get citations.

  • Data Aggregators – Neustar Localeze, Infogroup, Factual, and Acxiom are the primary data aggregators for local business data in the U.S. These aggregators have compiled more than 20 million business locations throughout the U.S. They can syndicate the license of their data to major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Local Blogs – Local blogs are considered as the best place to get your local business listed. Local blogs that show up on top of search engine results by definition are well indexed and highly associated with a specific city, region, or neighborhood in local search results. Businesses linked to these blogs are viewed as relevant and trusted by local search engines.
  • Local Search Engines – Local search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google crawl the World Wide Web and look for citations that can correct or validate the businesses information included in their indexes. Getting your business listed in trusted local yellow pages increases the trust of search engine on your business name, website, and location.


Local citations are important for businesses as they are key components to get high ranking algorithms in major search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Businesses with a higher number of citations can get higher ranking algorithms in search engine results than online businesses with a lesser number of citations.

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